MIA HAND is strong, customizable, simple, fast, functional.
And it's finally yours.

The impossible is within reach.


Born to be looked at.

Born not to be disguised. Born and raised with pride. We strongly believe that the use of cosmetic gloves is no longer necessary these days. Your multi-articulated myoelectric prosthesis is now able to adapt to your life, your style, and your taste. Eclectic or minimal? It matters little.

The Mia Hand configurator will allow you to come up with the design you feel most comfortable wearing, customizing all four external components of the prosthesis. Hover your mouse over the hand picture to get to know all the customizable parts and dive into the Mia Hand configurator.





You choose everything. We want you to be free and proud of your multi-articulated upper limb myoelectric prosthesis. For all of us at Prensilia, your comfort wearing Mia Hand is the crowning achievement of all our investments, research and efforts. You can configure the prosthesis by choosing the combination you like best, we’ll take care of the rest.


You will show it to everyone.

Customizable. As you like.
Mia Hand is the first myoelectric prosthesis whose external features can be fully customized. How? Thanks to four external components that are configurable as you like.

Mia Hand protesi


Just like you.

/streŋkθ/ In general, the quality or condition of being strong, and at the same time also the cause that gives the possibility of being strong.

Mia Hand is a strong and reliable hand that allows a secure grip on frequently used objects. This means that most of the objects of our everyday life can be grabbed and held with ease and safety. Strength is one of the most important characteristics of Mia Hand, as it allows many interactions with objects of different weights.

Its gripping force reaches 70 N, a value that is higher than most other proposals available on the market.


A timeless truth.

Simple. Yet functional. Mia Hand will allow you to carry out 80% of your daily activities using simple yet essential grips. It doesn’t matter how many: how good is what truly matters. And Mia Hand is unmatched in terms of functionality. Simple, as easy as drinking a glass of water.


But quieter.

/fɑːst/ moving or happening quickly, with speed and ease, without delay or hesitation

Our goal has always been to allow Mia Hand to fully integrate into the daily life of our customers, which is why we privileged speed of response over any other, possibly more mundane, aspect. Mia Hand is fast, with a closing time of just 280 ms, a very short response time that puts it at the top of the ranking for this indispensable feature.

But how did we achieve all of this? Quietly. Indeed, silence is a really important functional feature of Mia. Being delicate and discreet makes it a valid and effective ally for everyday life.


Bring it to your
orthopaedic centre.

We do believe that constructive criticism is an essential requirement of growth. This is why we are constantly looking for professionals to support us in our development process, making us even more aware of all those details and nuances behind the choice of a multi-articulated upper limb myoelectric prosthesis.

We want to share our goal with you; to provide the amputees with the best solution to finally return to grasping the impossible.

Collaborations do improve us.